• February 13th, 2023

Join us at the next Elliott Wave Hub Forecasting Event!

Live Elliott Wave Analysis

The Elliott Wave Hub Forecasting Event brings together top Elliott Wave and Fibonacci experts to demonstrate how the pros do it. WaveBasis is proud and excited to participate in the next Elliott Wave Hub event on Thursday, February 16th, 2023 from 9 am to 6 pm Eastern Time!

This innovative FREE event is presented as a webinar and all are invited and encouraged to attend from the comfort of their homes or offices. Make sure you register now though because space is limited.

Along with 8 other experts, WaveBasis Founder & CEO Stephen Simmons will be demonstrating Elliott Wave analysis on LIVE MARKETS. He’ll show how he uses WaveBasis to track markets and find high-probability trading opportunities. Current WaveBasis traders can easily follow along in their WaveBasis workspaces using exactly the same charts and Elliott Wave counts that Stephen will be presenting.

If you don’t already have a WaveBasis account Sign Up for a Free Trial now so you can also easily follow along during Stephen’s presentation which starts at 1pm ET.

Learn how experts apply time-tested trading strategies to current Forex, Cryptos, Stocks, Futures, and Options markets. Get trading ideas from the pros, a broad collection of current market forecasts, and ask questions to the creator of WaveBasis himself!


Why should you attend this unique workshop?

  • Discover the most effective ways to use WaveBasis to supercharge your trading
  • Get your WaveBasis questions answered by the creator of the platform
  • Learn the practical application of Elliott Wave Theory
  • Discover the best markets to trade right now with LIVE market analysis
  • Get expert advice from top Elliott Wave analysts
  • Get actionable trade ideas that can be implemented immediately!
  • You’ll walk away with a clear understanding of how to improve your trading by finding better trade entries, stop losses, and profit targets
  • Learn a simple strategy for counting the waves
  • Didn’t we already say that this event is FREE?!!


Whether you trade Forex, Cryptos, Stocks or Futures, you don’t want to miss this special event. So, make sure you register to attend Elliott Wave Hub 2023 before the slots fill up, and Happy Trading!